Blogging 101 – Make a prompt personal

You should know the drill by now: I’m behind on Blogging 101… slowly but surely catching up… yada yada yada…



Publish a post based on your own, personalized take on today’s Daily Prompt.

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited.

I am sitting in Starbucks – my favorite place to write – trying my darndest to finish catching up on this Blogging 101 course. I really wanted to completely catch up today, but it is looking more and more like that is not going to happen. I will be close, though. There are only three prompts left until I’m caught up, and most (if not all) of them are ones that just require slight tweaking on my blog to complete. This knowledge should make me happy, and yet it doesn’t. That is because I am also participating in Writing 101 and am even more behind in that than I am in Blogging 101. Maybe it is because I’ve been blogging for a few years now and have a decent idea of the basics… maybe it is because Writing 101 requires more creativity – and therefore more time and energy – than Blogging 101. Either way, I have been finding Writing 101 much more time-consuming than Blogging 101. My internal editor rails against doing my Writing 101 posts, even though I am desperately keen on completing the course. At this point, though, I’m starting to worry that won’t happen. There is a deep vein of stubbornness in me, though, so I’m hoping to rely on that to muddle through and push on.

This Starbucks always has such an interesting cross-section of humanity. Partially it is because of the location, sandwiched between a few decent neighborhoods and a few less-than-ideal apartment complexes. It also shares a parking lot with a Walmart. So it is quite common to see a very smartly dressed business woman in line behind a college student, or retiree sitting in one of the overstuffed armchairs next to a person who quite possibly could be homeless.

At the moment there is a woman sitting next to me that would be a quite interesting character study. This isn’t the first time that she and I have been in here together, and I’ve picked up quite a few things about her in that time. She always sits (barefooted) for hours, just like me, but unlike me (typing away on my computer for hours on end, or reading a book) she simply sits here with her phone. The first time I saw her, I wondered if she might be homeless. She doesn’t order anything to drink – not that I have ever noticed, anyway, although it is possible that she finished it before I arrived each time. Through comments she has made, and things I have overheard while she is on the phone, she has a son, but her son lives with her mother. She’s on parole, but her crime was something that happened over a decade ago. What that crime might be I desperately want to ask, but think that might violently overstep the tentative rapport we have developed. I learned today that she is looking for a job, but only has her phone – a very small phone – as a source of internet to aid in her job search, and is confined to a walking distance for potential job locations.

Some day she might feature as a character in one of my stories. There is so much potential there for a good narrative, don’t you think?



6 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Make a prompt personal

  1. Nice post Sarah! I have let myself become completely distracted from blogging by work and keeping life going….good job for keeping up with the Writing course.

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