Camp Midnight by Stephen Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein

When Skye’s divorced mother goes on a trip for the summer, Skye expects to be spending the summer with her father and his new wife (the step-monster, Skye calls her). Instead, she find out that her father and step-monster are sending her away to camp for the summer. She’s less-than-thrilled by the idea and makes sure that everyone knows it. When they are running late to meet the camp’s bus, Skye is accidentally foisted onto the wrong bus and ends up at Camp Midnight, a camp she ends up discovering is a camp for supernatural creatures. She has to try to survive the summer surrounded by were-people, witches, and other creatures humans think are just myths, without letting them figure out that she is just a human.

Camp Midnight by Stephen Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein is not at all what I was expecting. I expected a scary monster story. Instead, Camp Midnight is a fun story about a headstrong girl that gets into some amusing situations. As an added bonus, there story has a surprisingly positive (yet not preachy) message. The artistic style is a little bit unique, but greatly adds to the overall feel of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I definitely recommend this book to graphic novel fans who enjoy supernatural stories with a strong, young female protagonist.

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