It is a sad, scary day…

Today is Inauguration Day and I AM TERRIFIED! This has been a very difficult year for me, watching this maniac gain the spotlight and become more and more popular! The only (tiny) relief had been my friends repeatedly reassuring me that he was a joke, that there was no way that he would ever actually be elected.

I think what bothers me more (and I find ultimately more scary) is that there are so many awful people in this country that actually share his vision for America. People who think that immigrants and refugees are evil and of course Mexico should pay for a wall to keep Mexicans out. Who think that gays are a symptom of a problem  with this country and deserve no rights. Who think that of COURSE we should “bomb the shit” out of another country and are okay with a commander-in-chief that can’t control his temper and says whatever the hell comes to his mind on social media.

It is slightly heartening to know that at least the majority of Americans didn’t vote for him (which is a symptom of another problem in American politics), but way more people that I thought would ever be possible. I never thought there were that many horrible human beings in this country.

This is a feeling that I have had since the election results were announced, but I am truly ashamed to be labeled as an American.